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In the last 10 years, the practice of logistics in the industry changing very remarkable. Global
competition in the market of products and services to encourage the diversity of products to
meet the needs of market segments are also diverse, high standard of product quality, timely
delivery of goods is very dependent on the condition of public infrastructure provided by the
government of a country. As a result, the demands of efficiency in higher logistics activities,
including the level of security quality, safety and service. The lack of infrastructure support and
the absence of "hub port" nationwide; poor management of interconnection or intermodal
system between port infrastructure, transportation and warehousing as well as lower network
capability, information technology led to the position of Indonesia is low in terms of competition
and the logistics performance index compared with many countries in dunia.Tujuan research is
to formulate the concept of multimodal transport role in realizing the Vision Logistics Indonesia
2025. The data was collected through a literature review, research results, and related scientific
publications. The analysis uses qualitative descriptive approach, as well as to evaluate the
public policy analysis to formulate the concept of multimodal transport role in realizing the
vision of Indonesian Logistics 2025. The results are realizing the integration of the logistics
system and increasing the role of multimodal transport, building a logistic center, to be able to
realize the logistics system connectivity national.


multimoda; management; policy; indonesia

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